Shaft alignment with laser systems

The reasons are not always obvious, but in the modern world the need for the aligning of industrial machines has become more and more of an essential need. With today’s machines with their remarkable operating speeds, the alignment is a vital component of the daily maintenance work. The machines must constantly work, with minimized interruptions.

A breakdown of a machine causes huge production losses. Almost 50% of all machine failures is linked to misalignment.

The alignment of the shafts can be performed with different equipment. The simplest way is to use a ruler or a feeler gauge on the two coupling areas, and then collimate on sight. The result is not very precise and varies greatly depending on the operator. By resorting to comparators, a considerably better result is obtained.

A qualified and experienced operator can obtain valid and reliable measurements, but this takes time and patience. For this reason Tecnomec Srl specialized in these activities, especially with the support of highly technological tools capable of performing the following activities:

  • Multi-Coupling Measurement and Live Move simultaneously on up to six joints;

  • Cardan shaft alignment, when integrated;

  • Alignment of vertical machines with the vertiSWEEP continuous measurement mode;

  • Recognition of changes in the positions of the machines through Live Trend and Multi-Coupling Live Trend;

  • Tilt foot diagnosis;

  • Horizontal and vertical Move Simulator;

  • Alignment Reliability Center 4.0 with Cloud data transfer;

  • Mobile connectivity with integrated WLAN, Bluetooth, RFID and camera;

The measurement results are transmitted from the laser alignment tool directly to the software for monitoring, storing, and intelligent reporting.

Plant specific tasks and the RFID machine recognition allow you to monitor the alignment status of individual systems over time. Consequently, the alignment data become a dynamic parameter for the monitoring of conditions for plant management and for status-related maintenance programs.