Carpentry Construction

Tecnomec Srl is able to operate across industrial and civil environments, creating metal constructions in carbon steel and in stainless steel.

Specifically, we can divide the construction activities as shown below:

    • Warehouses and industrial roofing with steel bearing structure, versatile solutions in in short time, with lattice or standard profile trusses, including design and construction of craneways, jib cranes, overhead cranes and lifting accessories of any size;
    • Lifting accessories such as: scales, clamps, jaws and frames for lifting. All components carry a CE label (in compliance with D.Lgs. 17 of 27/01/2010) guaranteeing for a safe use by the operators, including provision of the use and maintenance manual;
    • Metal structures with solutions designed according to the needs, for the construction of mezzanines of any dimension, fire escape stairs, walkways, balconies and partitions of any type;
    • Interior design structures for residential use, built on the project provided by the client, both in carbon steel and polished or brushed stainless steel;
    • Tanks and silos, for liquid, granular or powdered substances. Furthermore, we’re able to supply complete storage systems, from the design of the supply and load of raw material systems up to devices for collecting and conveying of the final product;

The CE mark

The CE mark of the machinery is an obligatory procedure for all products covered by the community directive on “machinery”, it must be performed by the manufacturer of a product that falls under this directive, who declares by means of the declaration of conformity, that its product complies with the health and safety requirements provided for in this directive.

The Directive 2006/42/CE obliges to carry out the CE marking of the machinery.

Machinery, partly completed machinery, interchangeable equipment, safety component, lifting accessories, chains, ropes and webbing, removable mechanical transmission devices are all covered by the Directive 2006/42/CE.

The CE marking is a mandatory procedure for all products governed by the community directive of the same name, it must be carried out by the manufacturer or a substitute, provided that they’re European, who declares by means of the declaration of conformity, that their product complies with the health and safety requirements, provided for by the relevant directives.

Quality assurance